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MeshElements.cpp File Reference
#include <iostream>
#include <vector>
#include <loki/Singleton.h>
#include <StdRegions/StdNodalTriExp.h>
#include <StdRegions/StdNodalTetExp.h>
#include <StdRegions/StdNodalPrismExp.h>
#include <LocalRegions/TriExp.h>
#include <LocalRegions/QuadExp.h>
#include <LocalRegions/TetExp.h>
#include <LocalRegions/PrismExp.h>
#include <SpatialDomains/SegGeom.h>
#include <SpatialDomains/TetGeom.h>
#include <SpatialDomains/PyrGeom.h>
#include <SpatialDomains/PrismGeom.h>
#include <SpatialDomains/HexGeom.h>
#include "MeshElements.h"
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struct  Nektar::Utilities::TetOrient
struct  Nektar::Utilities::TetOrientHash


namespace  Nektar
namespace  Nektar::Utilities


typedef boost::unordered_set
< struct TetOrient,
TetOrientHash > 


ElementFactory & Nektar::Utilities::GetElementFactory ()
bool Nektar::Utilities::operator== (ConditionSharedPtr const &c1, ConditionSharedPtr const &c2)
 Test equality of two conditions - i.e. compare types, fields and values but not composite ids.
bool Nektar::Utilities::operator== (NodeSharedPtr const &p1, NodeSharedPtr const &p2)
 Defines equality between two NodeSharedPtr objects.
bool Nektar::Utilities::operator< (NodeSharedPtr const &p1, NodeSharedPtr const &p2)
 Defines ordering between two NodeSharedPtr objects.
std::ostream & Nektar::Utilities::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const NodeSharedPtr &n)
bool Nektar::Utilities::operator== (EdgeSharedPtr const &p1, EdgeSharedPtr const &p2)
 Defines equality of two edges (equal if IDs of end nodes match in either ordering).
bool Nektar::Utilities::operator< (EdgeSharedPtr const &p1, EdgeSharedPtr const &p2)
 Defines ordering between two edges (based on ID of edges).
bool Nektar::Utilities::operator== (FaceSharedPtr const &p1, FaceSharedPtr const &p2)
 Defines equality of two faces (equal if IDs of vertices are the same.)
bool Nektar::Utilities::operator< (FaceSharedPtr const &p1, FaceSharedPtr const &p2)
 Defines ordering between two faces (depending on ID of faces).
bool Nektar::Utilities::operator== (const struct TetOrient &a, const struct TetOrient &b)