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NektarUnivConsts.hpp File Reference
#include <limits>
#include <LibUtilities/BasicConst/NektarUnivTypeDefs.hpp>
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static const NekDouble Nektar::NekConstants::kNekUnsetDouble = -9999
static const NekDouble Nektar::NekConstants::kNekMinResidInit = 1e16
static const NekDouble Nektar::NekConstants::kVertexTheSameDouble = 1.0e-8
static const NekDouble Nektar::NekConstants::kGeomFactorsTol = 1.0e-8
static const NekDouble Nektar::NekConstants::kNekZeroTol = 1.0e-12
static const NekDouble Nektar::NekConstants::kGeomRightAngleTol = 1e-14
static const NekDouble Nektar::NekConstants::kNekSqrtTol = 1.0e-16
static const NekDouble Nektar::NekConstants::kNekIterativeTol = 1e-09
static const NekDouble Nektar::NekConstants::kNekSparseNonZeroTol = 1e-16
static const NekDouble Nektar::NekConstants::GeomTol = 1E-2
static const NekDouble Nektar::NekConstants::CoinTol = 1E-6