Chapter 12

MeshConvert is a utility bundled with Nektar++ which has two purposes:

There is also some limited support for other output formats. We begin by running through a basic example to show how a mesh can be converted from the widely-used mesh-generator Gmsh to the XML file format.

 12.1 Exporting a mesh from Gmsh
 12.2 Defining physical surfaces and volumes
 12.3 Converting the MSH to Nektar++ format
 12.4 MeshConvert modules
  12.4.1 Input modules
  12.4.2 Output modules
  12.4.3 Negative Jacobian detection
  12.4.4 Spherigon patches
  12.4.5 Periodic boundary condition alignment
  12.4.6 Boundary layer splitting
  12.4.7 High-order cylinder generation
  12.4.8 Surface extraction
  12.4.9 Extracting interface between tetrahedra and prismatic elements
  12.4.10 Boundary identification
  12.4.11 Scalar function curvature