4.2 BasicUtils

This directory contains some of the lowest level basic computer science routines within Nektar++. The directory currently contains the following:

ArrayEqualityComparison.cpp ArrayPolicies.hpp CompressData.cpp

CompressData.h ConsistentObjectAccess.hpp CsvIO.cpp

CsvIO.h Equation.cpp Equation.h

ErrorUtil.hpp FieldIO.cpp FieldIO.h

FieldIOHdf5.cpp FieldIOHdf5.h FieldIOXml.cpp

FieldIOXml.h FileSystem.cpp FileSystem.h

H5.cpp H5.h HashUtils.hpp

Metis.hpp NekFactory.hpp NekManager.hpp

OperatorGenerators.hpp ParseUtils.cpp ParseUtils.h

Progressbar.hpp PtsField.cpp PtsField.h

PtsIO.cpp PtsIO.h RawType.hpp

Scotch.hpp SessionReader.cpp SessionReader.h

ShapeType.hpp SharedArray.hpp Tau.hpp

Thread.cpp Thread.h ThreadBoost.cpp

ThreadBoost.h Timer.cpp Timer.h

VDmath.hpp VDmathArray.hpp Vmath.cpp

Vmath.hpp VmathArray.hpp VtkUtil.hpp

We have used bold to denote (as examples) routines at our used throughout Nektar++. They are in this sense “fundamental”. Note that this list includes input/output routines (e.g. CompressData, FieldIo, H5), partitioning (e.g. Metis and Scotch) and Threading (e.g. Thread and ThreadBoost).