Part II

In this part of the developer’s guide, we walk you through development aspects of the various solvers that are available within publicly-available Nektar++repository. For each of these solvers, user guides have been developed that help you see how to use these for various engineering applications. We encourage you to use these solvers in your science and engineering work flows. If you find that the current solvers do not meet your needs and consequently you end up building a new solver based upon our framework, we encourage you to consider submitting this to us for incorporation in the publicly-available master branch.

 11.2 The Fundamental Data Structures within FieldUtils
 11.3 The Fundamental Algorithms within FieldUtils
12 Inside the Library: SolverUtils
 12.1 The Fundamentals Behind SolverUtils
 12.2 The Fundamental Data Structures within SolverUtils
 12.3 The Fundamental Algorithms within SolverUtils