4.1 BasicConst

This directory contains two important files for all of Nektar++: NektarUnivConsts.hpp and NektarUnivTypeDefs.hpp.

The file NektarUnivConsts.hpp contains various default constants used within Nektar++ as seen here:

1static const NekDouble kNekUnsetDouble      = -9999; 
2static const NekDouble kNekMinResidInit     = 1e16; 
3static const NekDouble kVertexTheSameDouble = 1.0e-8; 
4static const NekDouble kGeomFactorsTol      = 1.0e-8; 
5static const NekDouble kNekZeroTol          = 1.0e-12; 
6static const NekDouble kGeomRightAngleTol   = 1e-14; 
7static const NekDouble kNekSqrtTol          = 1.0e-16; 
8static const NekDouble kNekIterativeTol     = 1e-09; 
9static const NekDouble kNekSparseNonZeroTol = 1e-16; 
10static const NekDouble kNekMachineEpsilon = 
11    std::numeric_limits<NekDouble>::epsilon(); 
13// Tolerances for mesh generation and CAD handling

The file NektarUnivTypeDefs.hpp contains the low level typedefs such as: NekDouble, NekInt, OneD, TwoD, ThreeD, FourD, and enumerations such as Direction (xDir, yDir and zDir) and OutputFormat.