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ExactSolverToro.cpp File Reference
#include <CompressibleFlowSolver/RiemannSolvers/ExactSolverToro.h>
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namespace  Nektar


#define TOL   1e-6
#define NRITER   20


NekDouble Nektar::guessp (NekDouble g[], NekDouble rhoL, NekDouble uL, NekDouble pL, NekDouble cL, NekDouble rhoR, NekDouble uR, NekDouble pR, NekDouble cR)
 Use either PVRS, two-rarefaction or two-shock Riemann solvers to calculate an initial pressure for the Newton-Raphson scheme.
void Nektar::prefun (NekDouble *g, NekDouble p, NekDouble dk, NekDouble pk, NekDouble ck, NekDouble &f, NekDouble &fd)
 Evaluate pressure functions fL and fR in Newton iteration of Riemann solver (see equation 4.85 and 4.86 of Toro 2009).

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#define NRITER   20

Definition at line 39 of file ExactSolverToro.cpp.

Referenced by Nektar::ExactSolverToro::v_PointSolve().

#define TOL   1e-6