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MeshElements.h File Reference
#include <vector>
#include <string>
#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
#include <boost/shared_ptr.hpp>
#include <boost/unordered_set.hpp>
#include <boost/unordered_map.hpp>
#include <LibUtilities/Foundations/Foundations.hpp>
#include <LibUtilities/BasicUtils/NekFactory.hpp>
#include <LibUtilities/BasicUtils/ShapeType.hpp>
#include <SpatialDomains/SegGeom.h>
#include <SpatialDomains/TriGeom.h>
#include <SpatialDomains/QuadGeom.h>
#include <SpatialDomains/Curve.hpp>
#include <SpatialDomains/MeshComponents.h>
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class  Nektar::Utilities::Node
 Represents a point in the domain. More...
struct  Nektar::Utilities::NodeHash
 Defines a hash function for nodes. More...
class  Nektar::Utilities::Edge
 Represents an edge which joins two points. More...
struct  Nektar::Utilities::EdgeHash
 Defines a hash function for edges. More...
class  Nektar::Utilities::Face
 Represents a face comprised of three or more edges. More...
struct  Nektar::Utilities::FaceHash
struct  Nektar::Utilities::ElmtConfig
 Basic information about an element. More...
class  Nektar::Utilities::Element
 Base class for element definitions. More...
struct  Nektar::Utilities::element_id_less_than
 Define element ordering based on ID. More...
class  Nektar::Utilities::Composite
 A composite is a collection of elements. More...
struct  Nektar::Utilities::Condition
 Defines a boundary condition. More...
class  Nektar::Utilities::Mesh
class  Nektar::Utilities::Point
 A 0-dimensional vertex. More...
class  Nektar::Utilities::Line
 A 1-dimensional line between two vertex nodes. More...
class  Nektar::Utilities::Triangle
 A 2-dimensional three-sided element. More...
class  Nektar::Utilities::Quadrilateral
 A 2-dimensional four-sided element. More...
class  Nektar::Utilities::Tetrahedron
 A 3-dimensional four-faced element. More...
class  Nektar::Utilities::Pyramid
 A 3-dimensional square-based pyramidic element. More...
class  Nektar::Utilities::Prism
 A 3-dimensional five-faced element (2 triangles, 3 quadrilaterals). More...
class  Nektar::Utilities::Hexahedron
 A 3-dimensional six-faced element. More...


namespace  Nektar
namespace  Nektar::Utilities


typedef boost::shared_ptr
< Element
 Shared pointer to an element.
typedef boost::shared_ptr< Node > Nektar::Utilities::NodeSharedPtr
 Shared pointer to a Node.
typedef boost::unordered_set
< NodeSharedPtr, NodeHash > 
typedef boost::shared_ptr< EdgeNektar::Utilities::EdgeSharedPtr
 Shared pointer to an edge.
typedef boost::unordered_set
< EdgeSharedPtr, EdgeHash > 
typedef boost::shared_ptr< Face > Nektar::Utilities::FaceSharedPtr
 Shared pointer to a face.
typedef boost::unordered_set
< FaceSharedPtr, FaceHash > 
typedef std::map< unsigned int,
std::vector< ElementSharedPtr > > 
 Container for elements; key is expansion dimension, value is vector of elements of that dimension.
< LibUtilities::ShapeType,
Element, ElmtConfig,
std::vector< NodeSharedPtr >
, std::vector< int > > 
 Element factory definition.
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< Composite > 
 Shared pointer to a composite.
typedef std::map< unsigned int,
CompositeSharedPtr > 
 Container of composites; key is the composite id, value is the composite.
typedef boost::shared_ptr
< Condition > 
typedef std::map< int,
ConditionSharedPtr > 
typedef boost::shared_ptr< MeshNektar::Utilities::MeshSharedPtr
 Shared pointer to a mesh.


enum  Nektar::Utilities::ConditionType {
  Nektar::Utilities::eDirichlet, Nektar::Utilities::eNeumann, Nektar::Utilities::eRobin, Nektar::Utilities::ePeriodic,
  Nektar::Utilities::eHOPCondition, Nektar::Utilities::SIZE_ConditionType


bool Nektar::Utilities::operator== (NodeSharedPtr const &p1, NodeSharedPtr const &p2)
 Defines equality between two NodeSharedPtr objects.
bool Nektar::Utilities::operator< (NodeSharedPtr const &p1, NodeSharedPtr const &p2)
 Defines ordering between two NodeSharedPtr objects.
std::ostream & Nektar::Utilities::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const NodeSharedPtr &n)
bool Nektar::Utilities::operator== (EdgeSharedPtr const &p1, EdgeSharedPtr const &p2)
 Defines equality of two edges (equal if IDs of end nodes match in either ordering).
bool Nektar::Utilities::operator< (EdgeSharedPtr const &p1, EdgeSharedPtr const &p2)
 Defines ordering between two edges (based on ID of edges).
bool Nektar::Utilities::operator== (FaceSharedPtr const &p1, FaceSharedPtr const &p2)
 Defines equality of two faces (equal if IDs of vertices are the same.)
bool Nektar::Utilities::operator< (FaceSharedPtr const &p1, FaceSharedPtr const &p2)
 Defines ordering between two faces (depending on ID of faces).
ElementFactory & Nektar::Utilities::GetElementFactory ()
bool Nektar::Utilities::operator== (ConditionSharedPtr const &c1, ConditionSharedPtr const &c2)
 Test equality of two conditions - i.e. compare types, fields and values but not composite ids.