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Xxt.hpp File Reference
#include <iostream>
#include <LibUtilities/BasicConst/NektarUnivTypeDefs.hpp>
#include <LibUtilities/BasicUtils/SharedArray.hpp>
#include <LibUtilities/BasicUtils/VmathArray.hpp>
#include <LibUtilities/Communication/Comm.h>
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struct  Xxt::comm
struct  Xxt::sparse_cholesky
struct  Xxt::csr_mat
struct  Xxt::crs_data


namespace  Xxt


typedef int Xxt::comm_ext
typedef int Xxt::comm_req


struct crs_data * Xxt::nektar_crs_setup (unsigned int n, const unsigned long *id, unsigned int nz, const unsigned int *Ai, const unsigned int *Aj, const double *A, unsigned int null_space, const struct comm *comm)
void Xxt::nektar_crs_solve (double *x, struct crs_data *data, double *b)
void Xxt::nektar_crs_stats (struct crs_data *data)
void Xxt::nektar_crs_free (struct crs_data *data)
static struct crs_data * Xxt::Init (unsigned int pRank, const Nektar::Array< OneD, unsigned long > pId, const Nektar::Array< OneD, unsigned int > pAi, const Nektar::Array< OneD, unsigned int > pAj, const Nektar::Array< OneD, NekDouble > pAr, const LibUtilities::CommSharedPtr &pComm)
 Initialise the matrix-solve.
static void Xxt::Solve (Nektar::Array< OneD, NekDouble > pX, struct crs_data *pCrs, Nektar::Array< OneD, NekDouble > pB)
 Solve the matrix system for a given input vector b.
static void Xxt::Finalise (crs_data *pCrs)
 Deallocates the crs mapping data.