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Nektar::SpatialDomains::DomainRange Struct Reference

#include <MeshGraph.h>

Public Attributes

bool doXrange
NekDouble xmin
NekDouble xmax
bool doYrange
NekDouble ymin
NekDouble ymax
bool doZrange
NekDouble zmin
NekDouble zmax

Detailed Description

Definition at line 138 of file MeshGraph.h.

Member Data Documentation

bool Nektar::SpatialDomains::DomainRange::doXrange

Definition at line 140 of file MeshGraph.h.

bool Nektar::SpatialDomains::DomainRange::doYrange

Definition at line 143 of file MeshGraph.h.

bool Nektar::SpatialDomains::DomainRange::doZrange

Definition at line 146 of file MeshGraph.h.

NekDouble Nektar::SpatialDomains::DomainRange::xmax

Definition at line 142 of file MeshGraph.h.

NekDouble Nektar::SpatialDomains::DomainRange::xmin

Definition at line 141 of file MeshGraph.h.

NekDouble Nektar::SpatialDomains::DomainRange::ymax

Definition at line 145 of file MeshGraph.h.

NekDouble Nektar::SpatialDomains::DomainRange::ymin

Definition at line 144 of file MeshGraph.h.

NekDouble Nektar::SpatialDomains::DomainRange::zmax

Definition at line 148 of file MeshGraph.h.

NekDouble Nektar::SpatialDomains::DomainRange::zmin

Definition at line 147 of file MeshGraph.h.