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Nektar::LibUtilities::AnalyticExpressionEvaluator::EvalSqrt Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

 EvalSqrt (rgt rn, vr s, cvr c, cvr p, cvr v, ci i, ci l, ci r)
virtual void run_many (ci n)
 declaring this guy pure virtual shortens virtual table. It saves some execution time. More...
virtual void run_once ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Nektar::LibUtilities::AnalyticExpressionEvaluator::EvaluationStep
 EvaluationStep (rgt rn, ci i, ci l, ci r, vr s, cvr c, cvr p, cvr v)
virtual ~EvaluationStep ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Nektar::LibUtilities::AnalyticExpressionEvaluator::EvaluationStep
rgt rng
 reference to random number generator More...
vr state
 references to arrays holding the common state More...
cvr consts
cvr params
cvr vars
ci storeIdx
 indices in the above arrays uniquely defining actual command arguments More...
ci argIdx1
ci argIdx2

Detailed Description

Definition at line 712 of file AnalyticExpressionEvaluator.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Nektar::LibUtilities::AnalyticExpressionEvaluator::EvalSqrt::EvalSqrt ( rgt  rn,
vr  s,
cvr  c,
cvr  p,
cvr  v,
ci  i,
ci  l,
ci  r 

Definition at line 714 of file AnalyticExpressionEvaluator.hpp.

714 : EvaluationStep(rn,i,l,r,s,c,p,v) {}
EvaluationStep(rgt rn, ci i, ci l, ci r, vr s, cvr c, cvr p, cvr v)

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Nektar::LibUtilities::AnalyticExpressionEvaluator::EvalSqrt::run_many ( ci  n)
virtual void Nektar::LibUtilities::AnalyticExpressionEvaluator::EvalSqrt::run_once ( )