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The Nektar++ library

Nektar++ is an open source software library currently being developed and designed to provide a toolbox of data structures and algorithms which implement the spectral/hp element method. Nektar++ is the continuation and adaptation of the Nektar flow solver. As opposed to its predecessor which focused on solving fluid dynamics problems, Nektar++ is implemented as a C++ object-oriented toolkit which allows developers to implement spectral element solvers for a variety of different engineering problems.

The structure of the Nektar++ library, a collection of different sublibraries, is based upon the typical structure of a global spectral/hp approximation, which is characterized by:

This structure, supplemented with building blocks such as block matrix linear algebra routines and automatic data coordinating objects, can be encapsulated in an efficient object-oriented C++ implementation.

This conceptual approach of the software leads to a high user-flexibility, including the selection of the preferred expansion basis, its polynomial order and the preferred numerical quadrature.

The website of the Nektar++ project can be found on: