Chapter 5

You should be now familiar with the following topics:

5.1 Additional Exercises

  1. Increase the polynomial order and plot the L2 error vs. the polynomial order in a semilogarithmic scale.
  2. If the solver is compiled with the MPI option, then try running the case in parallel with mpirun -np 2.
  3. Change the Projection Operator to DisContinuous to see the same problem running with an HDG solver.
  4. Change one of the boundary conditiosn to a Robin (Mixed) boundary condition of the form ∂u∕∂n = αu + β whith α = 1 and β determined from the exact solution.

Tip: To check the additional settings and parameters that can be used for this solver, check the folder: $NEK/solvers/ADRSolver/Tests/ where you can find several tests associated to the ADR solver.