Chapter 1

This tutorial covers a new feature of NekMesh introduced in the two-dimensional mesh generator. This feature focuses on the creation of a NACA profile surrounded by a rectangular bounding box as well as its meshing.

Tip: This feature is an advanced functionality of NekMesh and the reader is advised to first complete the standard NekMesh tutorial NekMesh: High-order mesh generation (from STEP) before proceeding. This chapter however includes a reminder of the steps required to generate a mesh and run the solver.

To achieve the goals of this tutorial you will need an installation of the latest master version of Nektar++, available at This is because the features you will be using are relatively new and have yet to be included in the latest release. Standard installation instructions are applicable as described in the user guide, with one addition that CMake should be configured to include NEKTAR_USE_MESHGEN=ON. This will activate the installation of the relevant meshing routines.

Tip: When using the mesh generation routines Nektar++ will require an OpenCascade installation to be present on your machine. Nektar++ is capable of downloading and installing OpenCascade for you, but this is highly not recommended as the installation time is very large. OpenCascade Community Edition (OCE) can be installed through package managers:

Nektar++ will be able to pick up on any of these OCE installations. Installation of NekMesh on Windows with mesh generation is not possible due to the OpenCascade requirements at this time.

This tutorial additionally requires:

1.1 Goals

After the completion of this tutorial, you will be familiar with:

Task: 1.1 Prepare for the tutorial. Make sure that you have:

The tutorial folder contains: