8.3 Session file configuration

8.3.1 Solver Info

8.3.2 Parameters

The following parameters can be specified in the PARAMETERS section of the session file. Example values are taken from [11].

8.3.3 Functions

The following functions can be specified inside the CONDITIONS section of the session file. If both are specified, the effect is multiplicative. Example values are taken from [11].

8.3.4 Filters

8.3.5 Stimuli

Electrophysiological propagaion is initiated through the stimulus current Iion. The STIMULI section describes one or more regions of stimulus and the time-dependent protocol with which they are applied.

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A number of stimulus types are available Stimulus types Protocols

A protocol specifies the time-dependent function indicating the strength of the stimulus and one such PROTOCOL section should be included within each STIMULUS. This can be expressed as one of: