5.2 Convert .fld / .chk files into Paraview, VisIt or Tecplot format

To convert the Nektar++ output binary files (.chk and .fld) into a format which can be read by two common visualisation softwares: Paraview (.vtu format), VisIt (.vtu format) or Tecplot (.dat or .plt format) the user can run the following commands:

where FieldConvert is the executable associated to the utility FieldConvert, test.xml is the session file and test.vtu, test.dat, test.plt are the desired format outputs, either Paraview, VisIt or Tecplot formats.
When converting to .dat or .plt format, it is possible to enable output with double precision, which is more accurate but requires larger disk space. For example, double precision output in plt. format can be produced with the command:

FieldConvert test.xml test.fld test.plt:plt:double

Tip: Note that the session file is also supported in its compressed format test.xml.gz.