1.1 Installing Debian/Ubuntu Packages

Binary packages are available for current Debian/Ubuntu based Linux distributions. These can be installed through the use of standard system package management utilities, such as Apt, if administrative access is available.

  1. Add the appropriate line for the Debian-based distribution to the end of the file /etc/apt/sources.list
    Distribution Repository
    Debian 10.0 (buster) deb http://www.nektar.info/debian-buster buster contrib
    Debian 9.0 (stretch) deb http://www.nektar.info/debian-stretch stretch contrib
    Debian 8.0 (jessie) deb http://www.nektar.info/debian-jessie jessie contrib
    Ubuntu 14.04 (trusty) deb http://www.nektar.info/ubuntu-trusty trusty contrib
    Ubuntu 18.04 (bionic beaver) deb http://www.nektar.info/ubuntu-bionic bionic contrib
  2. Update the package lists
    apt-get update
  3. Install the required Nektar++ packages, or the complete suite with:
    apt-get install nektar++

    Any additional dependencies required for Nektar++ to function will be automatically installed.

    Tip: Nektar++ is split into multiple packages for the different components of the software. A list of available Nektar++ packages can be found using:

    apt-cache search nektar++