8.3 Session file configuration

8.3.1 Solver Info

8.3.2 Parameters

The following parameters can be specified in the PARAMETERS section of the session file. Example values are taken from [11].

8.3.3 Functions

The following functions can be specified inside the CONDITIONS section of the session file. If both are specified, the effect is multiplicative. Example values are taken from [11].

8.3.4 Filters

The following filters are supported exclusively for the cardiac EP solver. Further filters from section 3.4 are also available for this solver.

8.3.5 Stimuli

Electrophysiological propagaion is initiated through the stimulus current Iion. The STIMULI section describes one or more regions of stimulus and the time-dependent protocol with which they are applied.

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A number of stimulus types are available Stimulus types Protocols

A protocol specifies the time-dependent function indicating the strength of the stimulus and one such PROTOCOL section should be included within each STIMULUS. This can be expressed as one of: