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Points.h File Reference
#include <LibUtilities/Foundations/FoundationsFwd.hpp>
#include <LibUtilities/Foundations/Foundations.hpp>
#include <LibUtilities/BasicConst/NektarUnivTypeDefs.hpp>
#include <LibUtilities/LinearAlgebra/NekMatrixFwd.hpp>
#include <LibUtilities/BasicUtils/ErrorUtil.hpp>
#include <LibUtilities/BasicUtils/SharedArray.hpp>
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class  Nektar::LibUtilities::PointsKey
 Defines a specification for a set of points. More...
struct  Nektar::LibUtilities::PointsKey::opLess
class  Nektar::LibUtilities::Points< DataT >
 Stores a set of points of datatype DataT, defined by a PointKey. More...


namespace  Nektar
namespace  Nektar::LibUtilities


typedef std::vector< PointsKey > Nektar::LibUtilities::PointsKeyVector


static const PointsKey Nektar::LibUtilities::NullPointsKey (0, eNoPointsType)
bool Nektar::LibUtilities::operator== (const PointsKey &lhs, const PointsKey &rhs)
bool Nektar::LibUtilities::operator< (const PointsKey &lhs, const PointsKey &rhs)
std::ostream & Nektar::LibUtilities::operator<< (std::ostream &os, const PointsKey &rhs)