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Nektar::LocalRegions::MatrixKey Class Reference

#include <MatrixKey.h>

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struct  opLess
 Used to lookup the create function in NekManager. More...

Public Member Functions

 MatrixKey (const StdRegions::MatrixType matrixType, const LibUtilities::ShapeType shapeType, const StdRegions::StdExpansion &stdExpansion, const StdRegions::ConstFactorMap &factorMap=StdRegions::NullConstFactorMap, const StdRegions::VarCoeffMap &varCoeffMap=StdRegions::NullVarCoeffMap, LibUtilities::PointsType nodalType=LibUtilities::eNoPointsType)
 MatrixKey (const MatrixKey &mkey, const StdRegions::MatrixType matrixType)
 MatrixKey (const StdRegions::StdMatrixKey &mkey)
virtual ~MatrixKey ()
SpatialDomains::GeomFactorsSharedPtr GetMetricInfo () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from Nektar::StdRegions::StdMatrixKey
 StdMatrixKey (const StdRegions::MatrixType matrixType, const LibUtilities::ShapeType shapeType, const StdRegions::StdExpansion &stdExpansion, const ConstFactorMap &factorMap=NullConstFactorMap, const VarCoeffMap &varCoeffMap=NullVarCoeffMap, LibUtilities::PointsType nodalType=LibUtilities::eNoPointsType)
 StdMatrixKey (const StdMatrixKey &rhs, const StdRegions::MatrixType matrixType)
 StdMatrixKey (const StdMatrixKey &rhs)
virtual ~StdMatrixKey ()
MatrixType GetMatrixType () const
LibUtilities::ShapeType GetShapeType () const
LibUtilities::PointsType GetNodalPointsType () const
int GetNcoeffs () const
const Array< OneD, const
LibUtilities::BasisSharedPtr > & 
GetBase () const
std::vector< std::size_t > GetVarCoeffHashes () const
const LibUtilities::BasisSharedPtr GetBasis (int dir) const
int GetNConstFactors () const
NekDouble GetConstFactor (const ConstFactorType &factor) const
bool ConstFactorExists (const ConstFactorType &factor) const
const ConstFactorMapGetConstFactors () const
int GetNVarCoeff () const
const Array< OneD, const
NekDouble > & 
GetVarCoeff (const StdRegions::VarCoeffType &coeff) const
const VarCoeffMap GetVarCoeffAsMap (const VarCoeffType &coeff) const
const VarCoeffMapGetVarCoeffs () const
bool HasVarCoeff (const StdRegions::VarCoeffType &coeff) const

Protected Member Functions

 MatrixKey ()

Protected Attributes

SpatialDomains::GeomFactorsSharedPtr m_metricinfo
- Protected Attributes inherited from Nektar::StdRegions::StdMatrixKey
LibUtilities::ShapeType m_shapeType
Array< OneD, const
unsigned int m_ncoeffs
MatrixType m_matrixType
LibUtilities::PointsType m_nodalPointsType
ConstFactorMap m_factors
VarCoeffMap m_varcoeffs
std::vector< std::size_t > m_varcoeff_hashes


bool operator< (const MatrixKey &lhs, const MatrixKey &rhs)
 Used for finding value given the key in NekManager.
bool opLess::operator() (const MatrixKey &lhs, const MatrixKey &rhs) const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 48 of file MatrixKey.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Nektar::LocalRegions::MatrixKey::MatrixKey ( const StdRegions::MatrixType  matrixType,
const LibUtilities::ShapeType  shapeType,
const StdRegions::StdExpansion stdExpansion,
const StdRegions::ConstFactorMap factorMap = StdRegions::NullConstFactorMap,
const StdRegions::VarCoeffMap varCoeffMap = StdRegions::NullVarCoeffMap,
LibUtilities::PointsType  nodalType = LibUtilities::eNoPointsType 

Definition at line 43 of file MatrixKey.cpp.

StdMatrixKey(matrixType, shapeType, stdExpansion, factorMap, varCoeffMap, nodalType),
Nektar::LocalRegions::MatrixKey::MatrixKey ( const MatrixKey mkey,
const StdRegions::MatrixType  matrixType 

Definition at line 54 of file MatrixKey.cpp.

StdRegions::StdMatrixKey(mkey, matrixType),
Nektar::LocalRegions::MatrixKey::MatrixKey ( const StdRegions::StdMatrixKey mkey)

Definition at line 61 of file MatrixKey.cpp.

virtual Nektar::LocalRegions::MatrixKey::~MatrixKey ( )

Definition at line 63 of file MatrixKey.h.

Nektar::LocalRegions::MatrixKey::MatrixKey ( )

Member Function Documentation

SpatialDomains::GeomFactorsSharedPtr Nektar::LocalRegions::MatrixKey::GetMetricInfo ( void  ) const

Definition at line 78 of file MatrixKey.h.

References m_metricinfo.

return m_metricinfo;

Friends And Related Function Documentation

bool operator< ( const MatrixKey lhs,
const MatrixKey rhs 

Used for finding value given the key in NekManager.

Definition at line 73 of file MatrixKey.cpp.

if(lhs.m_metricinfo.get() < rhs.m_metricinfo.get())
return true;
if(lhs.m_metricinfo.get() > rhs.m_metricinfo.get())
return false;
return (*dynamic_cast<const StdRegions::StdMatrixKey*>(&lhs)
< *dynamic_cast<const StdRegions::StdMatrixKey*>(&rhs));
bool opLess::operator() ( const MatrixKey lhs,
const MatrixKey rhs 
) const

Member Data Documentation

SpatialDomains::GeomFactorsSharedPtr Nektar::LocalRegions::MatrixKey::m_metricinfo

Definition at line 86 of file MatrixKey.h.

Referenced by GetMetricInfo(), and Nektar::LocalRegions::operator<().