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Nektar::MultiRegions::PreconditionerNull Class Reference

#include <PreconditionerDiagonal.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PreconditionerNull (const boost::shared_ptr< GlobalLinSys > &plinsys, const AssemblyMapSharedPtr &pLocToGloMap)
virtual ~PreconditionerNull ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from Nektar::MultiRegions::Preconditioner
 Preconditioner (const boost::shared_ptr< GlobalLinSys > &plinsys, const AssemblyMapSharedPtr &pLocToGloMap)
virtual ~Preconditioner ()
void DoPreconditioner (const Array< OneD, NekDouble > &pInput, Array< OneD, NekDouble > &pOutput)
void DoPreconditionerWithNonVertOutput (const Array< OneD, NekDouble > &pInput, Array< OneD, NekDouble > &pOutput, const Array< OneD, NekDouble > &pNonVertOutput, Array< OneD, NekDouble > &pVertForce=NullNekDouble1DArray)
void DoTransformToLowEnergy (Array< OneD, NekDouble > &pInOut, int offset)
void DoTransformToLowEnergy (const Array< OneD, NekDouble > &pInput, Array< OneD, NekDouble > &pOutput)
void DoTransformFromLowEnergy (Array< OneD, NekDouble > &pInOut)
void DoMultiplybyInverseTransformationMatrix (const Array< OneD, NekDouble > &pInput, Array< OneD, NekDouble > &pOutput)
void DoMultiplybyInverseTransposedTransformationMatrix (const Array< OneD, NekDouble > &pInput, Array< OneD, NekDouble > &pOutput)
void BuildPreconditioner ()
void InitObject ()
Array< OneD, NekDoubleAssembleStaticCondGlobalDiagonals ()
 Performs global assembly of diagonal entries to global Schur complement matrix.
const DNekScalBlkMatSharedPtrGetBlockTransformedSchurCompl () const
const DNekScalBlkMatSharedPtrGetBlockCMatrix () const
const DNekScalBlkMatSharedPtrGetBlockInvDMatrix () const
const DNekScalBlkMatSharedPtrGetBlockSchurCompl () const
const DNekScalBlkMatSharedPtrGetBlockTransformationMatrix () const
const DNekScalBlkMatSharedPtrGetBlockTransposedTransformationMatrix () const
DNekScalMatSharedPtr TransformedSchurCompl (int offset, const boost::shared_ptr< DNekScalMat > &loc_mat)

Static Public Member Functions

static PreconditionerSharedPtr create (const boost::shared_ptr< GlobalLinSys > &plinsys, const boost::shared_ptr< AssemblyMap > &pLocToGloMap)
 Creates an instance of this class.

Static Public Attributes

static std::string className
 Name of class.

Protected Attributes

PreconditionerType m_preconType
- Protected Attributes inherited from Nektar::MultiRegions::Preconditioner
const boost::weak_ptr
< GlobalLinSys
PreconditionerType m_preconType
DNekMatSharedPtr m_preconditioner
boost::shared_ptr< AssemblyMapm_locToGloMap
LibUtilities::CommSharedPtr m_comm

Private Member Functions

virtual void v_InitObject ()
virtual void v_DoPreconditioner (const Array< OneD, NekDouble > &pInput, Array< OneD, NekDouble > &pOutput)
virtual void v_BuildPreconditioner ()

Static Private Attributes

static std::string lookupIds []
static std::string def

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Nektar::MultiRegions::Preconditioner
virtual DNekScalMatSharedPtr v_TransformedSchurCompl (int offset, const boost::shared_ptr< DNekScalMat > &loc_mat)
 Get block elemental transposed transformation matrix $\mathbf{R}^{T}$.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 102 of file PreconditionerDiagonal.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Nektar::MultiRegions::PreconditionerNull::PreconditionerNull ( const boost::shared_ptr< GlobalLinSys > &  plinsys,
const AssemblyMapSharedPtr pLocToGloMap 

Definition at line 211 of file PreconditionerDiagonal.cpp.

: Preconditioner(plinsys, pLocToGloMap),
virtual Nektar::MultiRegions::PreconditionerNull::~PreconditionerNull ( )

Definition at line 124 of file PreconditionerDiagonal.h.


Member Function Documentation

static PreconditionerSharedPtr Nektar::MultiRegions::PreconditionerNull::create ( const boost::shared_ptr< GlobalLinSys > &  plinsys,
const boost::shared_ptr< AssemblyMap > &  pLocToGloMap 

Creates an instance of this class.

Definition at line 106 of file PreconditionerDiagonal.h.

return p;
void Nektar::MultiRegions::PreconditionerNull::v_BuildPreconditioner ( )

Definition at line 229 of file PreconditionerDiagonal.cpp.

void Nektar::MultiRegions::PreconditionerNull::v_DoPreconditioner ( const Array< OneD, NekDouble > &  pInput,
Array< OneD, NekDouble > &  pOutput 

Definition at line 236 of file PreconditionerDiagonal.cpp.

References Vmath::Vcopy().

Vmath::Vcopy(pInput.num_elements(), pInput, 1, pOutput, 1);
void Nektar::MultiRegions::PreconditionerNull::v_InitObject ( )

Definition at line 222 of file PreconditionerDiagonal.cpp.


Member Data Documentation

string Nektar::MultiRegions::PreconditionerNull::className
Initial value:

Name of class.

Definition at line 117 of file PreconditionerDiagonal.h.

std::string Nektar::MultiRegions::PreconditionerNull::def

Definition at line 141 of file PreconditionerDiagonal.h.

std::string Nektar::MultiRegions::PreconditionerNull::lookupIds[]

Definition at line 140 of file PreconditionerDiagonal.h.

PreconditionerType Nektar::MultiRegions::PreconditionerNull::m_preconType

Definition at line 128 of file PreconditionerDiagonal.h.