1.2 Installing CentOS/Fedora Packages

  1. Add a file nektar.repo to the directory /etc/yum.repos.d/ with the following contents

    substituting <baseurl> for the appropriate line from the table below.

    Distribution <baseurl>
    CentOS http://www.nektar.info/centos/$releasever/$basearch
    Fedora http://www.nektar.info/fedora/$releasever/$basearch

    Note: The $releasever and $basearch variables are automatically replaced by Yum with the OS version and architecture of your system.

  2. Download and install the GPG key used to sign the packages:
    wget https://www.nektar.info/nektar-yum.gpg 
    sudo rpm --import nektar-yum.gpg
  3. Now install the Nektar++ packages as required. For example,
    yum install nektar++-openmpi-incnavierstokes-solver

    Any additional dependencies required by Nektar++ will be automatically installed.

    Tip: Nektar++ is split into multiple packages for the different components of the software. A list of available Nektar++ packages can be found using:

    yum search nektar++