Chapter 10
Inside the Library: GlobalMapping

In this chapter, we walk the reader through the different components of the GlobalMapping Directory. We begin with a discussion of the mathematical fundamentals, for which we use research article by Cantwell et al. [18] and the book [8] as our principle references. We then provide the reader with an overview of the primary data structures introduced within the GlobalMapping Directory (often done through C++ objects), and then present the major algorithms – expressed as either object methods or functions – employed over these data structures.

  9.2.2 Variables at the Level of ExpList$D for various Dimensions
  9.2.3 Variables at the Level of Discontinuous Field Expansions
  9.2.4 Variables at the Level of Continuous Field Expansions
 9.3 The Fundamental Algorithms within MultiRegions
 9.4 Preconditioners
  9.4.1 Mathematical formulation
  9.4.2 Preconditioners
  9.4.3 Low energy